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Wuhan Dising Technologies Co.,Ltd

We are an sightseeing train integrated enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of green environmental protection vehicles. It is also a leader in the national sightseeing train industry.

Products & Services

"DISING TECH" adheres to the concept of "Green and Beautiful Earth" and responds to the call to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization. We are also continuously developing and introducing new technology. Dising the company has large-scale amusement equipment "Slow Rail Transit and Sightseeing Train" , Tourist train, Imitation steam locomotives, trams ,trackless Sightseeing Train, amusement trains series, electric vehicles and Yacht series and other leisure technology, new energy products!

And provide tourism and Tourist train, sightseeing railway line survey, exploration, design, railway laying, transfer operations and other services.

  • Sightseeing Train

    Sightseeing Train

  • sightseeing car

    sightseeing car

  • Recreation & Sports

    Yacht & Caravan Trailer

  • Machine & Equipment

    Machine & Equipment

  • Smart Products

    Smart Products

  • Customized Solution

    Tourist train Customized Solution

Development Philosophy

"DISING TECH" is also a strategic partnership with more than 100 companies. It is a supplier of leisure industry amusement equipment for a number of tourist attractions, theme parks, High-end tourism commercial real estate, large-scale cultural and tourism projects, featured town community, agricultural sightseeing park ,specialty towns and commercial districts!

We promise to be more professional and pragmatic in the industry, and more rigorous and responsible to our customers. To protect the interests of customers as a prerequisite, strive to improve, so that all customers in Dising can enjoy the Supreme VIP-level treatment, but also continue to strengthen the international export and high-end series of research and development, to create an international brand image of the company!

Dising Sighting Train

Enterprise Culture

"DISING TECH": Creating a green technology industry to produce amusement leisure power products.

Each company has a benchmark to continuously encourage its own progress and development.” Dising Tech” always insists on the green technology and environmental protection. And in the process of growing up, we should look back and see ourselves. We must face the past and take it as a warning. We must work harder and cautiously in the present and plan for the future.

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy: Strenous and strick work attitude, professional and thoughtful technical service, green and green quality products, ingenious VIP customization.

Values: Dedication to the concept of “Green, Beautiful Earth”.

Core Values: Green, Energy Saving, and Environmental Protection This is the beginning core of our work.

Value orientation: rigorous, serious, and honest. This is our service attitude. Enjoying exquisite life requires you and me to move forward together.

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