There are three ways to provide power.
Customized of different color or styles.
There are three types of car layouts, such as open, closed and semi closed .
Long endurance and great climbing capability.
Able to walk freely on the ground.



15 years experience in design team.
Tailor the product that best suits you.
Multiple options for customers to choose.
Professional technical guidance training service.

Trackless Model

  • The passenger capacity

    62 trackless fuel trains

  • The power modes

    58 trackless electric trains

  • The carriage form

    58 trackless fuel trains

  • The roof skylight

    42 trackless electric trains

  • The spatial layout

    72 trackless electric trains

  • The track gauge

    50 trackless electric trains


  • 1. Intention consultation

    1. Intention consultation

  • >
  • 2. Feasibility analysis report

    2. Feasibility analysis report

  • >
  • 3. Vehicle customization

    3. Vehicle customization

  • >
  • 4. Deposit payment

    4. Deposit payment

  • >
  • 5. Provide project-related materials

    5. Provide project-related materials

  • >
  • 6. Send images and videos of the production process to customer

    6. Send images and videos of the production process to customer

  • >
  • 7. Machine delivery

    7. Machine delivery

  • >
  • 8. Settlement balance

    8. Settlement balance

  • >
  • 9. After-sale services

    9. After-sale services

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