Automated Guided Logistics, Routing Inspection,Patrol Vehicle

Automated Guided Logistics, Routing Inspection,Patrol Vehicle

The general chassis of small unmanned vehicle adopts full-line control technology and vehicle regulation design, which can be used in unmanned logistics vehicle, unmanned routing inspection vehicle, unmanned patrol vehicle and other scenes.

Product Parameters
Size  Length: 1.4m/ width: 0.9m
Chassis Weight 200kg
Maximum Load 300kg (replaceable shock absorber)
Driving Power 1.5kW
Maximum Speed 15km/h
Drive Type 4× 2 distributed motor drive
Steering Form Front axle steering
Electricity 7kWh (customizable)
Mileage Greater than 100km
Suspension Type Double wishbone independent suspension
Chassis Controller Vehicle gauge level rapid prototyping ECU, embedded chassis path tracking and dynamic control procedures
Power Battery

Gauge Level Lithium Battery and Battery Management System

 (Alarm and Protection of Electricity, Current, Voltage, Temperature, Overcharge, Overdischarge, High Temperature, etc.)

Communication Interface  CAN/LIN/232/485
Chassis Protocol CAN communication, and open CAN protocol to users.


1. The package is in small size and less than 20 cm in thickness, so it is convenient for users to customize the upper case. 

2. Full-line steering, driving and braking technology is adopted. The chassis is equipped with ECU, lithium batteries and battery management system, which lasts more than 12 hours and has a range of 150 kilometers. 

3. Arm suspension, maximum load capacity of about 500 kg.

Product Display


Company profile

Wuhan dising technologies Co., Ltd.Is located in the east lake new technology development zone in wuhan, hubei province.It is a professional supplier of tourist attraction, theme park, characteristic town, and commercial block slow rail transit system;Our service covers the whole process of slow rail transit system survey and design, special track vehicle design and so on.

We promise to improve our professional skills and be based on a careful design attitude, a profound understanding of customer needs and a rich experience in project implementation, to provide customers with high quality and reliable products and economic and reasonable projects.

Delivery and Shipment

Shipping by sea: Around 4 weeks to arrive.

Delivery Time: Around 30 working days after receipt of deposit.

MOQ: 1 set locomotive.

Payment Term: 30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T before delivery.


Automated Guided Logistics, Routing Inspection,Patrol Vehicle: 1 year full warranty,offer FREE components under EXW shipped term.

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