CD- 15 Crop Dusting Unmanned Helicopter

CD- 15 Crop Dusting Unmanned Helicopter

3CD-15 and its flying control system were developed in response to market demand for aerial agricultural spraying. Manned Fixed-wing crop dusters had been in use, but the small size of farms meant that this method was uneconomical and safety

CD- 15 Crop Dusting Unmanned Helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter 2230 mm Carbon fiber material
Trail Rotor Diameter 403 mm
Overall Length 2030 mm
Overall Width 530 mm
Overall Height 660 mm
Gasoline Engine 80cc Twin cylinder, air cooled,made in Japan
Fuel 95 Octane gasoline Mixed with 2T FD stroke motor oil (30:1)
Starting Method Electric remote switch
Fuel Capacity 1.5 L (0.4gal)
Fuel Consumption 4000 cc/h
Cruise speed < 12 m/s
Wind Resistance 8-10.7 m/s
Working Temperature 0°C- 50°C
GPS Tracking System It includes data link, GPS, recording software
Service ceiling 3,000m (above sea level)
Pesticide Sprayer
Pesticide Payload 7.5 kg x 2 tanks
Spraying Capability 1.5 Hectare/trip
Spraying Width 4-6 meters
Nozzle 4pcs Made in USA
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Shipping by sea: Around 4 weeks to arrive.

Delivery Time: Around 30 working days after receipt of deposit.

MOQ: 1 set locomotive.

Payment Term: 30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T before delivery.


CD- 15 Crop Dusting Unmanned Helicopter: 1 year full warranty,offer FREE components under EXW shipped term.

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