——Nov 07, 2018FAQ about Dising

1. We are a

comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in R&D, production, sales and

service of sightseeing small trains.

2: When the price is

the same, we compare quality, when the quality is the same, we compare service.We

are always striving for perfection.

3: If you want to

consult the specific price of the product, please contact: Chen Fengjiao

+86 134 3711 0939 (Wechat is the same number)

4:Depend on the

product, for example, the sightseeing train has a two-year warranty.

5: Provide the

warranty after signing the sightseeing train.

6: Wuhan Dising generally

delivers within 30 working days. (except in remote areas)

7: We will recommend

suitable sightseeing trains according to the specific geographical environment

and actual area of scenic spots and parks .For example: Wuhan Dising diesel

42-seat trackless sightseeing train is the best choice for the recent Anhui

Nanshan project.

8: According to

different models to distinguish, such as the track sightseeing train

9: The sightseeing

train is also divided into tracks and tracks, so the track is divided according

to the actual model. For example, the general turning radius of the track is

7.5 meters!

10: Basically fuel

and electric version.


There are many reasons for not charging, maybe battery or charging cable .Of

course, the most common problem is that the charger is broken (funny).


The fuel car uses diesel or gasoline, and the gasoline uses 92 oil.


On the track train, the fault warning light and the code of the fault cause

will appear on the console of the general control room.


There are different kinds of sightseeing trains just like FRP , sheet metal and

wooden sightseeing trains.


For example, the DST-G3-D32 sightseeing train produced by the Wuhan Dising  is a 36-seat sightseeing train for the scenic



According to the environment and passenger flow to use reasonably. Do not

overload, but also pay attention to maintenance of the battery and other



Wuhan Dising sightseeing trains promise that it usually takes less than 30

working days.


Generally there are two reasons for this situation. The first is that the power

supply is not in good contact. Please check if all the line screws of the

vehicle are loose.


The trackless sightseeing train need a numberplate. Take a set of documents and

go to the local technical supervision bureau.


If you are buying our sightseeing train, we can deliver it anywhere free of



you have any other questions about the Wuhan Dising sightseeing train, please

leave a message or private message, we will answer you in the fastest time.

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