——Nov 19, 2018Sightseeing Train of Shandong Lanling National Agricultural Park

Project Description

The sightseeing train enters Lanling National Agriculture Park in Shandong Province and meets the sea of flowers to gloss colorful decoration to the beautiful park. The tourist train operation line runs 4.5 kilometers, we believe this scenic track train will let you linger and experience different beautiful scenery.

Sightseeing Train of Shandong Lanling National Agricultural Park

Product Parameters

Operating conditions:

1) Gauge: 762mm

2) Limit curve radius: 40m, difficult area (station) 30m

3) Limiting slope: <15 ‰, this curve needs to be calculated

4) Temperature: -20°C-50°C

5) Altitude < 1000m

6) Wind speed less than 10m/s

Performance and main dimensions:

1) style: European classical (see attachment renderings)

2) Gauge: 762mm

3) Formation mode: locomotive + coal water truck + compartment + compartment + compartment + compartment

4) Group size 38.2m (length) x 1.9m (width) x 2.8m (height)

5) Passenger Capacity: 128 seats

6) Operational performance

Limit curve radius: 40m, difficult section (station) 30m limit slope: <= 30‰, curve section needs to perform this calculation Speed: 0-10km/H

Emergency braking distance: <4m

Guided tour system: The host is located on the bridge of the locomotive, the audio is located in each compartment, playing background music, site broadcast, temporary voice notification

Locomotive parameters:

1) Overall dimensions mm: 10170 (length) * 2000 (width) * 2830 (high)

2) Driver's seat: seated 2 seats

3) Structure: Q235 profile, steel plate welding

4) Locomotive axis sequence: 2-2-0

5) Drive system:

Coal Waterwheels: Power Bogies

Drive Motor : 7.5KW*4 Variable Frequency Motor

Speed control method: frequency conversion speed control touch screen + plc + inverter S curve acceleration vector control main power source: Cummins diesel generator set 80kw, Stanford generator

Braking system: Working brake: Regenerative braking (motor fed brake) Emergency, parking brake: Electropneumatic braking

Forward driving video (improving driver's view)

6) Effect: Smokestack effect of continuous smoke steam whistlecopper bell (12 inches)


1) Overall dimensions mm: 6.2 (L * 1900 (W * 2800 (H

2) Cabin form: semi-open type, on both sides of the car, with car steps

3) Minimum height of passenger area: 1800mm

4) Floor height: 600mm (rail surface)

5) Step height: 400mm (rail surface)

6) Structure: Q235 profile, sheet metal welding, roof FRP composite

7) Running system: Bogie form (with automatic emergency braking)

8) Renovation:

Roof interior wallsolid wood buckle + wood paint (6 degrees) Floor: bamboo plastic plate + pattern aluminum

Seats: 32 seats (wooden seats) Lamps: Antique LED Ceiling Lights Sound: Wood Effect Ceiling Speakers

Car side railing: solid wood (weathering wood oil 6 degrees)

Side door: 8 sided, FRP composite (inside solid wood) End window: Solid wood panning window

9) Security measures:

urveillance: Camera (recording) 2pcs/car

10) Others

European metal corner flower on the roof: 16 handrails on and off: 304 stainless steel

Weather curtain: transparent shutter (removable, fast retractable)

Contact Dising

Dising is an integrated enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of green environmental protection vehicles.

Dising provides tourism and sightseeing railway line survey, exploration, design, railway laying, transfer operations and other services.

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