——Jul 20, 201818 seater sightseeing train of Zhejiang Bergamot Culture Park

Project Description

The sightseeing train of Zhejiang Bergamot Culture Park is a small size train which has 18 seats. The children's train walks through the colorful track, brings joy and happiness to children.

18 seater sightseeing train of Zhejiang Bergamot Culture Park

Product Parameters

Train parameters and operating conditions:

Formation: locomotive + compartment + compartment + compartment

Overall dimensions: 11m (length) x 0.9m (width) x 1.3m (height)

Personnel: 18 (9 adults + 9 children)

Speed: 1m/s

Limit slope: 20‰

Minimum curve radius: 3m

Emergency braking distance: <0.5m at the highest speed

It must not be operated outside in rainy days

Locomotive parameters:

Overall dimensions: 2.3m*0.8m*1.3m

Power supply: 48v 100AH

Drive motor: 550W*2

Speed control mode: V-F frequency conversion speed control S-curve acceleration.

Voltage: control voltage, lighting voltage: 24V (safety voltage), main circuit voltage: AC380v

Working brake: DC braking, dynamic braking; emergency braking: Electropneumatic braking.

Driver's seat: One-way sitting position,cold steam smoke effect, whistle


Dimensions 2.6*0.9*0.8m

Seats: 6 seats

Vibration reduction: metal coil spring

Braking: Electropneumatic Combined Braking


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Dising is an integrated enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of green environmental protection vehicles.

Dising provides tourism and sightseeing railway line survey, exploration, design, railway laying, transfer operations and other services.

Dising is also a supplier of leisure industry amusement equipment for a number of tourist attractions, theme parks, High-end tourism commercial real estate, large-scale cultural and tourism projects, featured town community, agricultural sightseeing park ,specialty towns and commercial districts!

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