——Jun 29, 2018Lujia Village "Aru" tourist sightseeing train

Project Description

A 4.5km-long sightseeing train will link together 18 farms scattered in Lujia Village. This is the beautiful business brought by the tourist sightseeing train. The Aru train is a high-simulation steam locomotive. It has a high degree of similarity with the old train.

Lujia Village "Aru" tourist sightseeing train

Product Parameters

Implement and Operating Conditions:

1) The use of land does not exceed 2000 meters above sea level

2) Air temperature between -10°C and 40°C

3) Electronic components must not start without dehumidification when the relative humidity is greater than 95% or in the dew condensation state

4) The compartment should be able to withstand the invasion of wind and sand and the resistance to salt spray

5) Line gauge 600mm

6) Limit slope <40‰

7) Limit curve radius > 25m

8) Emergency braking distance: <8m (highest speed)

Train Parameter:

1) Grouping: locomotive + coal water truck + coach+coach + coach

2) Overall dimensions: The entire group: 29.3m (length) x 1.9m (width) x 2.7m (height);

3) Speed : Operating number: 0-10km/h Maximum traction (7.2km/h)

4) Crew: 32 seats * 3 = 96 seats

5) Emergency braking distance: <8m at the highest speed

6) Frame anti-corrosion treatment: zinc-rich primer twice + top coat twice.

7) Power Source: Cummins Genset

8) Effects : whistle, cold vapor smoke, copper bell

9) Guided tours of the broadcast system

10) Monitoring (recording)

Locomotive Parameters:

1) Drive motor: Three-phase variable-frequency motor 7.5KW*4

2) Power Source: Cummins Diesel Generator 50kw

3) Speed Control Mode: V-F Frequency Control

4) Voltage: : Control voltage, lighting voltage: 24V (safety voltage), power voltage AC 380v

5) Braking: Working brake: DC braking, dynamic braking; emergency braking: Electropneumatic braking.

6) Driver seat : Sitting position 2 seats

7) Air compressor : Three-phase air compressor

Coach Parameters:

1) Cabin style: European classical

2) Frame Surface : Q235 profile welding.

3) Roof : FRP

4) Interior : Solid wood buckle plate

5) Bogie form: Calculate axle weight 2 tons

6) Shock Absorption System : Metal Coil Spring

7) Floor : Bamboo plate coated aluminum plate

8) Doors: 3 fans on one side (single side passenger and closed on the other side)

9) Table Holder : Train Style 3 Sheets

10) Bench: Long solid wood

11) Manned: 8*4=32 seats

12) Sound

13) Passenger pedals on both sides (on one side and on the other side)

Contact Dising

Dising is a high-quality supplier of domestic tourism and sightseeing trains. It mainly supplies scenic rail trains, simulated steam locomotives, shopping mall trams, and track bicycles.

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