——Nov 07, 2018Four techniques for troubleshooting and maintaining sightseeing train

Sightseeing train is a new type of electric sightseeing train that appears as a series of sightseeing and suitable for theme parks, which provides greater convenience for our daily life. S Because of its special Sightseeing Train belonging, the use of various fault range of phenomena diverse situations that fast, accurate maintenance of the vehicle key is need to fault diagnosis technique.

First detected after cleaning

An electric Sightseeing Train, many fault circuit are caused due to the work environment. Such as most dust board charger controller board and adjustable potentiometer failure caused by a variety of soft dirt, etc. Accordingly, in the inspection failure, first clean the machine, eliminating the pollution caused by the fault, then hands forinspection.

After head outside the machine

Machine malfunction inside for a Sightseeing Train will be in the external manifested. Different external performance reflects the corresponding internal no device failure. Fault diagnosis and inspection, from outside the machine began gradually to an internal depth. This will not only prevent blindness and reduce unnecessary losses, thus greatly improving maintenance efficiency.

Sightseeing Train

After the power supply first load

Sightseeing Train faulty power supply section accounts for a large proportion in the maintenance. The power supply system is the whole energy supply in the sparse, power supply power, load pump power, and rely on the power of work, the vast majority of the load fault is often caused by the power supply is not smooth. Therefore, when checking for faults, you should first check the power supply circuit, make sure the power supply without exception, and then repair other circuits.

After the first static dynamic

Static is a Sightseeing Train is not energized, that is, cut off power supply in case of first inspection. Such as all cables are correct, each outlet is good contact, whether the machine has a bad break and welding, component or without burning black and discoloration. Dynamic refers to the machine to be repaired in working condition energized, dynamic inspection must be after the necessary inspection and measurement of static can be, and must not blindly electricity, in order to avoid failure to expand.

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