——Nov 19, 2018China dising share five tips to extend the lifespan of Sightseeing Train

Many theme parks around the world use it as a sightseeing train as a primary travel and sightseeing tool, but most staff do not know how to maintain the use of sightseeing trains today, China dising share five tips to extend the lifespan of Sightseeing Train.  

1.The personnel who arrange to operate the vehicles in the theme park should be familiar with the operation process of the sightseeing train. It is best to go through standard training to avoid driving without authorization.

2. Regular inspection and maintenance of electric sightseeing trains and power outages to prevent battery storage. The power outage state refers to the battery use without time to charge, prone to sulfuric acid, lead sulfate crystals attached to the board, blocking the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging and battery capacity. drop. The power outage is longer and the battery is more damaged.

3. To grasp the charging time of electric sightseeing trains, the battery can be used as the best charge for 60 % -70 % of the discharge depth. It can be converted into the actual mileage of the vehicle and charged according to the actual situation to avoid harmful charging.

4. Due to its characteristics, the electric sightseeing train itself must prevent the use of electric sightseeing train controllers, batteries, motors and other water during rainy days. Do not park the car on rainy days. If it enters the water, it must be ventilated and dry after use.

5. In order to prevent the power loss of electric sightseeing trains from increasing, they can not be placed directly on electric sightseeing trains at high temperatures.

Sightseeing Train

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