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Recently I have seen a long time old friend, complaining about bad business, want to change career, let me make some suggestions, I have three points: 1) Any boss who feels that business is not doing well is essentially because the past business is too Well done, many bosses are accustomed to the mode of making rough money in the past; 2) the Internet has not changed the nature of human nature (the way of making money) has not changed, but the "skills" have changed, and the humanity has changed. Tools only. Change thinking, change tools, not change industry; 3) Use Internet thinking to use Internet tools, and to cultivate in the familiar field is the best choice.

The DISING sightseeing train is very good to sell. Not only domestic customers like foreign countries, but also many scenic park customers buy the DISING sightseeing train and get unanimous praise. We use the Internet tools to sell high-quality and high-quality sightseeing trains directly to customers, saving a lot of intermediate expenses, and everyone benefits!

Sightseeing train


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