——Jan 15, 2019Battery Charging Precautions For A Electric Sightseeing Train

Last time we have talked about how to choose a suitable sightseeing train for your tourist attraction. Now next, we will talk about the battery charging precautions of electric sightseeing trains. 

For the electric train charging method, currently there are two views: One view is the sightseeing train should be charged after its electricity running out of; The second view is that the sightseeing train must be charged once a day. In fact, these two views are not completely correct. 

During the operation of electric sightseeing train, it is best to charge the battery after about 80% of the electricity is used off. Do not recharge the battery after it completely run out. If the battery is exhausted, turn off the power and do not use the battery any more. Don’t force to drive the train by using up the recovery voltage to prevent battery life from being shortened due to 'overdischarge'. The best charge time is 8 to 10 hours if the electricity completely run out.

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