——Oct 23, 2018Wuhan Dising a member of IAAPA

At 12th of Oct 2018, Wuhan Dising Technologies Co.,Ltd joined in IAAPA (International association of amusement park and attractions). What an amazing news! 

Why we chose to be a member of IAAPA? 

First of all, IAAPA has 100 years experience in amusement park and attractions industry, which can provide rich suggestions and a huge stage for Wuhan Dising. We believe that IAAPA can help Wuhan Dising improve our efficiency, marketing, safety, and profitability while maintaining the highest possible professional standards in amusement park facility industry. 

Secondly, there is no doubt that, we can join IAAPA is also a prove that Wuhan have the ability to enter the international amusement park facility market. We have 10+experience to design and produce the sightseeing train, we can provide customized service to our customers to satisfied their requirement, we have a lot of success cases in China. Not only we can provide affordable tourist train, but also we can offer the fastest delivery service to the customer. What's more we are designing and R&D a new material to produce sightseeing train which can reduce over half produce time, cut down the material cost and decrease the weight of the sightseeing train. Nice, Isn't it?

Wuhan Dising has the mission to provide the professional solutions to amusement park and attractions all over the world. We want to more companies, more people to know us, we want to share our professional to the customer! we dedicate a win-win, even Multiparty benefit results. That's the reason why we join IAAPA! 

For more information, please refer our website. If you want to know more details, please feel to touch us.

Wuhan Dising a member of IAAPA


Tel: +86 138 8610 7725 / 27 8669 8008

Wuhan Dising

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