——Sep 20, 2018How to buy a suitable sightseeing train?So easy !

With the rise of scenic resorts around the world, the number of orders for sightseeing trains has increased dramatically. In addition to the highlights of the scenic spots, the sightseeing trains also undertake this passenger function. Tourist trains usually travel under limited road conditions, and many customers who want to know how to buy a sightseeing train have been curious about how to buy a suitable sightseeing train and how to receive the goods.

If you are interested in buying Dising trains, please tell us your application environment, like the mileage, slope degree, road radius. Our technical engineers and sales will talk about it with you, and provide you with a best solution.

As long as the purchase of the Wuhan Dising sightseeing train, once again guarantees that our company will guide the installation through instructions, telephone, video, etc., to satisfy the customers .

At present, the more popular tourist trains are track sightseeing trains and trackless sightseeing trains. After purchasing the Dising sightseeing train, our company will deliver the whole vehicle to the customer by sea. At this time, the customer receives a semi-finished product that has not been spliced ! Don't worry, We will also send the instructions to guide the installation. If there is any problem, we can guide you with a call or video to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle.

The installation process is also not complicated. Use the forklift to transport the front and the car on the truck in turn, and assemble the connecting rods of the two cars. So easy !


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