——Aug 27, 2018Take sightseeing train to have fun.

Dongguan Vanke Zhongtian City Park is very convenient, and it is a beautiful environment, beautiful tree-lined city. This place is like a theme park. It has children's vitality Valley Park and Tree Front Plaza. Tree Front Plaza: Glamorous lighting can add features to night activities.

Children's “Vibrant Valley”: There is a swing and large slides inside. This place will be a place for children to have fun. The design of the Rainbow bridge has combined children's slides with swing, and there is a big tree through the bridge. And every people who goes through the bridge can feel the fun of nature. In a word, if you come to this beautiful place, you never regret it! And now, you only should take our Dising sightseeing train, it can help you to save much time, it can also make you not walk for long time.Our Dising company's sightseeing train doesn't produce the polluted gas, it is friendly to the environment.Lastly, it has top quality. Do not hesitate, come to call us quickly!


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