——Aug 18, 2018Eat pineapple in the sightseeing train.

It has always been a place to sell fruit. Later, it becomes a “Dole Pineapple Experience Plantation” open to the public. Dole Plantation has a wealth of experience activities. Such a good place, why not have a try? It is in the Hawaii.

Dole Plantation has many experience activities, including pineapple express、botanical garden tour and pineapple park maze. There is a very large souvenir shop in the park, which offers a variety of gifts. At this time, it is a good choice to take a sightseeing train, it will solve the problem of walking too long. Our Dising sightseeing train has top quality, exquisite design. What’s the most important is that it doesn’t produce polluted gas. If you want to have a good experience, come to contact us.


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