——Aug 02, 2018The climbing capability of the sightseeing train

In recent two years, because our country has actively advocated the development of cultural tourism, trackless sightseeing train has attracted much attention from scenic spots ,real estate and others. Whether the sightseeing train can run in the scenic spot is the first factor that the scenic spot take into consideration, and it involves many problems just like gradeability ,carrying capacity and whether sightseeing train is in line with relevant regulations from tourist bureau. Gradeability of sightseeing train is crucial among them. Most scenic spots ’road are not flat, so how much slope can a small sightseeing train climb? The following is the topic that I want to explain to you today.

1. What is the gradeability?

The official explanation : the gradeability of the car is evaluated by maximum climbing degree, it means that the maximum slope that can be passed when the car is loaded with full load and the car is stuck in first on a flat road. It applies to the sightseeing train as well, the gradeability is a important driving parameters to measure the dynamic of the trackless train, generally, it is applied in vehicle engineering field.

2. How to measure the gradeability of the sightseeing train?

Generally, when we measure the gradeability of the sightseeing train, we should choose a ramp which is close to the expected climbing capability. The length of the slope should be more than 25 meters, and in front of the ramp should have a 8-10 meters’ straight road. Stop the sightseeing train which is to be tested at the bottom of the slope that is near the ramp, and transferred to the gear of the maximum drawbar pull. It means that if your sightseeing train has high speed gear and low speed gear, you should put the gear at a low speed gear, if it doesn’t has high or low speed gear, you can put in to forward gear. When the sightseeing train runs, speed up the pedal and climb up the slope. Repeat this experiment process, you can know the limit slope. What needs to be mentioned is that the sightseeing train is the same as the car, test of the climbing ability must be tested by professional. Otherwise, if the slope is very steep and it is stopped in the middle of the slope, the sightseeing train is likely to be tumbled. And because the sightseeing train is made of many carriage, backing the car is hard to control. You’d better not to have a try easily.

3. The main factor to influence the climbing ability

(1) When the torque vehicle goes up the slope, only the sightseeing train’s traction force is stronger than slope resistance (backward vehicle)and rolling resistance, can the train climb the slope. Thus the engine or motor must has a torque to overcome the resistance of this slope, and the train can run normally.

(2) The adhesion of the tire.

Only the tire of the sightseeing train maintain sufficient friction with the ground, can the train not slip on the way uphill. Just like many off-road vehicles use cross-country tires, which can increase the friction between the tire and the ground, significantly enhancing the ability of the car to climb.

4. Can a small train climb a steep slope?

In our daily life, it’s race to see the slope is more than 30°, the slope of 30°is very steep in visually, the coward driver seems to be afraid to drive, and the slope of 45° is the max limit slope which is the limit of the cross-country. In accordance with national standards, the max limit slope of highway is 5%, the max limit slope of first-grade highway is 6%, and the max limit slope of four-grade highway is 9%. Except the grade highway, a few highways’ slope is 10-15%. Up to now, the biggest slope I have ever heard in China is 25°, the largest slope in foreign countries is 35%°(in New Zealand), which means that the steepest slope of the  paved roads in the world are less than 20 %. As for the underground garage, I usually hear someone say that he has seen the slope of 30%, however, in fact, the max limit slope in rule is 15% in the engineering standard,not even 10°. If you don’t believe it ,you can fetch half bottle of water, and take a semicircle and measure it by yourself. Wuhan Dising sightseeing train is professionally tested for climbing in the factory, the maximum climbing angle of the battery sightseeing train is 15%~20%. This is determined by the innate factors such as battery drive and heavy load. If someone tells you that his sightseeing train’s climbing capacity is strong, you must be careful so that you will not be fooled. Now, I’m telling you the knowledge of the climbing capability : 15%=tanα,α=arctan15%=8.53°


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