——Nov 08, 2018Three tips to use lithium battery of Dising Sightseeing Train

1. Dising Sightseeing Train charge according to the standard time and procedure, even if it is the first charging; (especially do charge more than 12 hours)

2. When the sightseeing train is running, the lithium battery shows low power.Then the lithium battery should be charged as soon as possible.(PS: There is no strong recommendation for fast charging stations, which can seriously damage batteries. The opinions that charge when the battery is running out of and the battery should be charged for a long time are not all right. It depends on the type of battery. The idea that try to run out of battery as much as possible until the vehicle can not drive forward any more can only be used on nickel batteries.The purpose is of course to avoid the battery memory effect.Use a dedicated charger to charge.)

Sightseeing Train factory

3, The activation of lithium battery sightseeing mini train does not require a special method. The lithium battery will naturally activate in the sightseeing train. If you deliberately use the "first three 12-hour long charge activation" method, it will only be futile and have no effect.

KEEP IN MIND:  The idea of blind pursuit of 12 hours of ultra-long charging and lithium battery automatically no power, is wrong. If you have done it in the past, please correct it in time.If you have any question, please contact us .Dising has a professional team to answer for you !

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