——Aug 14, 2018Take the Dising mini train and swim in the flower sea

Zhushan is just like a painting. charm of the water is natural, the trees are shaded, the flowers are blossoming, and in just over half a year, Zhushan and Lushan and other   barren hills has been transformed into a  flower –sea tourist resort . Take the Dising train and swim in the flower sea.

The mini train customized in this scenic spot is a track diesel  train. These features of  wide spatial layout, open carriage and the speed of 7km per hour, not only allow passengers to enjoy a visual feast, but also give passengers absolute safety. The restriction curve radius does not exceed 15m proving that the mini train has high maneuverability and strong ability to pass obstacles. The train‘s power is made up of genset power or battery with the effect of almost zero emission, and zero pollution. It is also the feature that makes Dising mini train is favored by the scenic spot.


Tel: +86 138 8610 7725 / 27 8669 8008

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