——Jan 25, 2019Encounter a girl like a bouquet of lilacs –Dising mini train

IN a lane in the rain encounter a girl like a bouquet of lilacs –Dising mini train

Alone holding an oil-paper umbrella, I wander along a long solitary lane in the rain, hoping to encounter a girl like a bouquet of lilacs。Wandering in the ancient town of Qingping, I finally met her-Dising mini train.

The customized track train is a 120 seats track diesel train. The long track is just like a small bridge crossing over the stream runs through the ancient town. The speed of 10 kilometers per hour is convenient for passengers to taste the antiques of the ancient town and meet the driving characteristics of narrow, meandering footpath. The max limit slope is not more than 30‰ , and the restriction curve radius is not more than 30m. In order to protect the environment and adhere to the concept of Green and Beautiful Earth ,Dising constantly develops and introduces new technology. Although this track train uses genset power, it has almost reached  zero -emission effect. Not only is it convenient for passengers, but also protects the green water and blue sky of the ancient town and adds the charm of the ancient town.

Welcome to your private customization. If you have any questions, please contact us as follows.

Wuhan Dising Technology Co., Ltd. is a sightseeing train supplier in china, that can provided customized service to you. We not only can offer you the tourist train in the theme park, but or can help you to design and produce a train restaurant. Our goal is to meet customer’s every requirements and get 100% satisfactions form customer.

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