——Aug 21, 2018Take Dising mini train, visit dreamlike wonderland

The Santai Mountain scenic attraction is a large-scale scenic spot combining nature and humanity with a total area of 1,741 acres. The peaks and valleys in the territory are undulating, and the gullies are vertical and horizontal;the green lakes and  ancient forests form a special scenery belt,which is called "Xishuangbanna of Jiangsu Province". How can’t you visit such a beautiful scenery? So long , how can you walk? The best solution – taking the Dising mini train.

The  customized mini train in the scenic attraction is a 36 seats children ride diesel mini train. The  retro style of  this train is a high-simulation locomotive with a smoke effect. The retro train is just like a time tunnel allowing you to shuttle back and forth between the steam age and the modern.

The following are specific parameters of the mini train



Marshalling: Locomotive +coach×3



Max limit slope: 30‰

Restriction curve radius:30m

Power: Genset power/Battery

Marshalling size:18m(L) ×1.2m(W) ×2.1m(H)

Welcome to your customization. If you have any requirement ,you can come up with  at any time. Only you can’t think of it ,there is nothing Dising can’t do.


Tel: +86 138 8610 7725 / 27 8669 8008

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