——Aug 21, 201842 Seats trackless mini sightseeing train


pick chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence and take the Dising train leisurely At the moment,if you ask people what the sunrise industry is,the answer must be tourism.  With the rapid development of the domestic and international economy,tourism has already become one of the most powerful and large-scale industries in the global economy,The relatively affiliated industries also begin to boom.Our  Wuhan Dising Technologies Co.,Ltd is just one of them.

In July this year,in terms of reaching a strategic partnership with the holiday resort in Anhui,our Wuhan Dising Company also provide for two white 42 seats fuel train,this is also a custom-made sightseeing train for customers.This 42 seattrackless fuel sightseeing trainis also popular abroad.

Trackless design is more convenient,and it improve the efficiency of receiving tourists in scenic spots. This trackless sightseeing train is not only a new means of transportation,but it is also a scenic spot that attracts tourists.


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